Honey, straw, and gold tones proudly exhibit the versatile nature of Australian Beech. Harder and more resilient than all of our domestic light color contemporary woods, like white oak or maple.         

Boasting a Janka hardness of 1.3x that of white oak, Aussie Beech is no slouch in the hardness department. Smooth grain, light colors, and interesting features mean that it works well in a myriad of home styles and paint situations, though it looks especially at place in modern contemporary houses.


  • 1700 Janka Hardness rating

  • Stable in variable environments 

  • Harvested from managed forests in south east Australia.

  • Smooth texture and closed grain.

  • Available in 5-1/4x 1/2" Pre-finished engineered and 3-1//4"x 3/4" Unfinished Solid