Australian Mahogany (Sydney Blue Gum)

Australian Eucalyptus Blue Gum Hardwood Flooring, or Aussie Mahogany.

Sporting a mix that ranges from deep crimson to cherry blossom, Australian Mahogany possesses a warmth rare even among hardwoods. With a natural range including southern Queensland and coastal New South Wales, Aussie Mahogany has become known as a prestige wood the world over.

Where it primarily grows in NSW, many classic homes have sported the wood as a floor for well over a century. This doesn’t mean that demand for this prized timber has wavered much in the ensuing years; if anything, production has increased to keep up with all of the modern-minimalist condos that also sport this hardy mahogany.

Not only is Australian Mahogany radiant, it is also hard. Sporting a janka hardness of 2050, this hardwood is ready for anything the world can throw at it.


  • 1700 Janka Hardness rating

  • Stable in variable environments 

  • Harvested from managed forests in south east Australia.

  • Smooth texture and closed grain.

  • Available in 5-1/4x 1/2" Pre-finished engineered and 3-1//4"x 3/4" Unfinished Solid